Travis J.

Travis Jackson is only in his early twenties, but he knows a thing or two about food insecurity. Living on his own after aging out of the foster care system, Travis works hard prioritizing his bills and making ends meet.

“I have to pay my rent; that’s a priority, not a choice.”

Living in a food desert, Travis has to navigate the limited access to food on a regular basis. When he needs to buy food, corner stores are his only option unless he decides to catch a bus to the supermarket.

“Where I live at, it’s no supermarkets unless you go far.”

Travis recalls going to school without breakfast when he was younger. When he wasn’t hungry, he could focus better and had more energy — but when he was hungry, nothing else mattered.

“You just don’t want to be there.”

Despite his limited budget, today Travis has returned to Baltimore City Schools to mentor struggling students in reading. He can relate to the struggles these children face and he wants to make a difference.

“They live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Baltimore City.”


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