Geraldine B.

Geraldine has been through hell and back. She’s the first to admit her past drug problem spiraled out of control and though she’s sober and stable today, she will never forget how close to giving up she once was.

“Hunger pains are the worst pains in the world.”

Geraldine gained a powerful sense of friendship and community after becoming a regular visitor to a local food pantry. In addition to helping with food assistance, the pantry offers community resources to help with other issues. Geraldine is able to meet with counselors who encourage her to stay positive and motivated.

“I wish there were five more of these in town for people who need help.”

Geraldine’s past experiences keep her grounded and sympathetic toward others. From homelessness to hunger, she remembers how awful she felt and does her best to lend a hand when she can.

“I don’t have the right to judge somebody. . . I’ve been there. I know how it feels. . .”

As soon as she got back on her feet, Geraldine vowed she would never go back to living an out-of-control lifestyle. She pledged to give her baby a stable life.

“My son is my main priority.”


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