Erik G. & Danyeil S.

After years of working steady, full-time jobs, Erik and Danyeil’s stable life was upended by health complications in the family. Today, they live out of a van and work six days a week at 7-Eleven, facing food insecurity while struggling to get back on their feet.

“Our work schedule’s crazy. We work midnight to 8. We don’t get set lunches or set break times for that.”

Danyeil has had a lot of bad breaks. She’s been homeless, she’s been sick, she’s been hungry; and through it all she’s jumped from job to job, trying to make ends meet. In this clip she reflects on the past several years of her life, trying to pinpoint where things went wrong.

“I feel like I’ve failed. . . Even though I know it’s not my fault, it’s hard.”

Erik and Danyeil both started out with steady, well-paying jobs. Today they’re struggling to afford even the most basic amenities: food and shelter. Erik discusses their gradual downswing and the difficult transition from one lifestyle to another.

“What I’ve been trying is to get with a new attitude. . . Dani’s been trying to keep me positive.”

In a tough spot, Erik and Danyeil sought out state food assistance as they worked to rebuild their lives. But when they lost their home, the two slipped through cracks in the system, receiving less help than ever.

“They don’t understand, you can’t keep a lot of food in the car.”


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