Nancy R.

Nancy is a registered nurse who was forced into retirement several years ago. Unfazed by the setback, Nancy began searching for a new job, only to find that her forty years of experience was actually an obstacle to her job security.

“They want these brand new nurses all with degrees coming out.”

Unable to find a job, Nancy struggles to make ends meet. Never before was she in a position of such uncertainty, and she has been forced to adjust to a new reality in which bills and basic needs are immediate problems with indefinite solutions.

“Sometimes I go without a meal.”

Despite her financial instability, Nancy tries to survive without assistance. She eventually realized the difference that a food pantry could make—the difference between going hungry at the end of the month and just barely making it through.

“This way, if I run short for the month, at least I know I have canned goods.”

Nancy has watched her friends and family slowly fade from her life. On her own, she struggles with the abandonment, with only food pantries and private service providers to help her make ends meet.

“I get very weepy like this. I discovered that a lot of my friends aren’t there any more.”


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