Christine S.

After being evicted from a home with no electricity, Christine and her four children have been homeless for more than two years. The elementary school her two youngest children attend connected her with several social services, including a program that provides her family with a backpack of food to get through the weekends when school is out and free meal programs are closed.

“They have a lot of good programs here.”

Christine’s family is separated. While some of her children live with her at a relative’s house, her oldest daughter lives across town with a cousin. Christine tries to see her daughter each weekend, but the hour and a half-long bus ride is hard for her as she suffers from health issues that impact her heart and lungs. There are times when she can’t find the strength to make the trip.

“Sometimes I feel as though I have failed my kids.”

The backpack program provides Christine with food to feed a family of four over the weekend. When Friday rolls around and the kids bring the backpack of food home, they’re eager to devour it all.

“I try to let them eat but I try to also know that we have to improvise a little for the next day.”

Even though her family receives food assistance in several forms, Christine still worries that there won’t be enough for everyone.

“Majority of the time, I just starve myself to make sure they eat.”

Christine’s oldest son is tired of not having a place to live and wants to help out. If he can find a job, he is willing to leave school to work with the hope of giving his siblings a better life.

“He’s real motivated and he’s a real smart and intelligent young guy.”


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