Barry N.

Barry lives out a unique paradox. He works as the director of a hunger outreach program for his church, but he also relies on occasional support from food pantries for his own home. Seeing both sides of the food-assistance network has made him who he is today.

“Living and surviving were two different things. . .”

As an adult struggling with food insecurity, Barry knows first-hand the doubts and the sense of isolation that go along with barely making it through the month. He is able to use these experiences to better serve hungry families at his job.

“I wasn’t at the head of the boat. I was in the boat.”

Barry understands the importance of not only meeting the immediate needs of individuals in his community, but also empowering them. His complex view of hunger mirrors the food bank’s mission statement and deepens his capacity to serve.

“It’s a daily struggle and the food bank has been there to help fill that gap.”


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