Marge B.

As a single mother, Marge was struggling to put food on the table after paying all of the bills. Even though she needed help, she wrestled with how her family’s reputation would be perceived if they accepted government assistance, and ultimately looked to a counselor for advice. Continue Reading..


Kathy W.

For months Kathy’s bills were piling up. Although she had family members who could have helped her, pride kept her from reaching out to ask for support before it was too late. Continue Reading..


Geraldine B.

Geraldine has been through hell and back. She’s the first to admit her past drug problem spiraled out of control and though she’s sober and stable today, she will never forget how close to giving up she once was. Continue Reading..


Tameka P.

After waiting in a food distribution line for food-insecure families, Tameka became part of an online conversation about food insecurity. Social media chatter criticized some of the people who were looking for support because of the cars they were driving. Even though Tameka’s car is more than 10 years old, commenters zeroed in on the car’s brand and cast judgement without knowing her whole story.Continue Reading..


Helen B.

As her husband’s health deteriorated, Helen made the decision to retire from her job as a housekeeper to stay home with him as his full-time caregiver. He passed away four years later, leaving Helen unsure of how she would survive without him. Continue Reading..


Christine S.

After being evicted from a home with no electricity, Christine and her four children have been homeless for more than two years. The elementary school her two youngest children attend connected her with several social services, including a program that provides her family with a backpack of food to get through the weekends when school is out and free meal programs are closed. Continue Reading..


Pat R.

Pat volunteers at her church every week, serving hungry Marylanders hot meals. While she’s not food-insecure herself, it pains her to see what hunger does to the children and families in her community. Continue Reading..


Michael M.

Michael once owned a robust contracting business. Back then, he could afford just about anything he wanted. But after the 2008 economic downturn and the death of his wife, he’s been hard-pressed to put food on the table. Continue Reading..


Reverend Samuel

Reverend Samuel has worked in the world of hunger relief for many years. Through his time spent serving food-insecure community members, his understanding of the issue is clear and compassionate. Continue Reading..


Steven H.

After aging out of the foster system, Steven was left trying to make it on his own. Just 24 years old, Steven is already all too familiar with homelessness and hunger — and the game of survival. Continue Reading..