Reverend Samuel

Reverend Samuel has worked in the world of hunger relief for many years. Through his time spent serving food-insecure community members, he’s gained some insight into why hunger has continued to expand in Maryland.

“When the wage is part time . . . it just don’t work.”
-Reverend Samuel

Anyone who has ever been hungry and needed help knows that it’s not a matter of choice. From single fathers to young adults, Rev. Samuel sees it all, and he does his best to acknowledge the dignity of every single person.

“We wanted to be a little different . . . and let them choose what they want.”
-Reverend Samuel

Despite food insecurity being largely hidden, Rev. Samuel knows that his pantry is a resource for individuals far beyond their immediate community. Word has spread, and individuals come from all across the state for help.

“Hunger has no boundaries.”
-Reverend Samuel

As a community leader, Rev. Samuel has coordinated many partnerships with other hunger-relief agencies in his area, seeking to accommodate the many working families who are struggling with food-insecurity and have very few options.

“When it comes to the end of the month, there’s more month there than money.”
-Reverend Samuel


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