Geraldine B.

Geraldine has been through hell and back. She’s the first to admit her past drug problem spiraled out of control and though she’s sober and stable today, she will never forget how close to giving up she once was.

1. Picturing the Past

Geraldine: I wasn’t eating, I would go to, it’s called the mission, I would go to the mission for lunch and then that’s the only meal I would eat. It actually made me want to commit suicide at that point because of the hunger pains. Hunger pains are the worst pains in the world. It’s horrible. It’s really horrible. Picture yourself breaking your arm but picture
that hurting 24/7, that’s basically what hunger pains felt like to me, all the time not having something to eat.

2. Continued Support

Geraldine: There are people out here who really need places like this because this place is the best place, I wish there were five more others of these in town for people that need help.

3. Helping Hand

Geraldine: I don’t have the right to judge somebody. Yes, there’s one lady in town I see her. If I have food on me, I know she’s homeless, I’ll stop and I’ll give her my last sandwich on me just so I know that she has something to eat for that night. Because I’ve been there. I’ve been there, I know how it feels to walk around town and look through the garbage cans to find something to eat. And it’s the (most horrible) feeling in the world.

4. On the Horizon

Geraldine: My son is my main priority, if I go back, I know that I’m going to lose the one thing that has actually helped me stay clean and has helped me move forward away from everything.

Geraldine’s Full Story

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